A conversation with Iron Viz: Student Edition winners

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Earlier this year, we announced the winners of our first-ever student competition, Iron Viz: Student Edition. Iron Viz: Student Edition gives students the opportunity to inspire, empower, and cultivate (and show-off) their data skills. Students will connect with the broader #DataFam, and practice for future Iron Viz competitions.

Join us on Friday, February 12 at 8:30 AM PST to hear from our 2020 student Iron Viz winners as they discuss their experience and process of building a winning viz, as well as sharing advice for future contestants.


About the speakers

Bergen Schmetzer

Bergen Schmetzer

Academic Program Specialist, Tableau

Bergen Schmetzer has been at Tableau for over four years in various roles within Product and Partner Marketing, but found her home on the Academic Programs team. She is passionate about helping students strive to be their best selves and empower those to learn data skills.


Abeeshan Selvabaskaran

University of Toronto, Master of Science in Biomedical Communications