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Closing The Gap

Join this session to gain insight into the day-in-the-life of leadership team within a Regional Distribution Center (RDC) for the Northern Trails Outfitters brand. We give a distribution center and shift manager eyes into their key metrics to make operational decisions, identify root causes of performance issues, manage continuous improvement routines, and communicate issues and countermeasures to leadership. This is broken down across multiple dashboards, each with its own purpose.

About the speaker


Joshua Rauh

Lead Solutions Engineer, Tableau

Joshua has been a Lead Solutions Engineer at Tableau since 2016. Prior to coming to Tableau, he managed a team of Tableau authors and business analysts at a dot-com in downtown Chicago where he worked on end-to-end data preparation and visualization for over 3,000 users. Joshua is a Tableau Server & Desktop Certified Professional and has presented at Tableau Conference, Salesforce Dreamforce, and multiple Chicago-area Tableau User Groups (TUGs). He has a passion for visualization and dashboard performance best practices.

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