Breakout Lionsgate: At the Intersection of Entertainment and Data Culture

At Lionsgate, Tableau has caused an explosion in data sharing and collaboration. Teams are now sharing new findings with other departments and blending data from different sources for a more enterprise understanding of our products.

How did we get here? Attendees of this session will be given our keys to BI success.

At the highest level, attendees will learn about:

  • User engagement went from 3 views a day on the report to 25 views a day, or 700% more engagement.
  • Bottom up vs the top down approach to BI
  • How to successfully build a data driven culture
  • How to implement big data and have an immediate ROI
  • How to rollout an enterprise reporting solution
  • How to use POCs and training to build a Tableau following with your business
  • How to implement a data science club
  • How to successfully implement social media dashboards

Featured speakers: 

Kelly Mungary

Big Data Analytics, Manager, Lionsgate

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