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Virtual Healthcare Tableau User Group

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Join us on Tuesday, September 18 for the Virtual Healthcare Tableau User Group.


  • Welcome and Introduction by Nicole Lohr & Simon Beaumont
  • Empowering clinicians to improve patient care and exploring dig data with tableau by Dr John Jeans
  • Providing a robust and easily comprehensible evidence base is invaluable in the development and communication of transformation solutions for clinical systems — be it new models of care or new models of workforce. Tableau gives clinicians the ability to work with analytical colleagues to produce broad yet nuanced data visualisations that address a wide spectrum of clinical and operational questions in health care.

    John uses Tableau to empower colleagues and organisations to quickly and effectively interrogate their own data to provide insights to improve patient care. By using tableau in an exploratory manner, users can navigate visualisations that are both easy to use and actively encourage interaction and interrogation In this presentation, John will demonstrate how this methodology can garner insights to improve patient care in a range of different environments. John hopes that building the clinical capability to harness the insights from big data will provide a platform for delivering lasting improvements in patient care.

  • Sparking Data Literacy: Passing the Torch to Clinicians by Lindsay Betzendahl
  • One of Tableau’s greatest strengths is its ease of use; an ability to free the data into the hands of those who understand it best. At Beacon, we are a clinically driven company, and our clinicians are the foundation of our dashboard design and analysis. In this session you will learn how improving a company’s data literacy is key to making data-driven decisions. While advancing data literacy is about creating more effective and engaging visualizations, it is also about understanding your audience’s needs and skills, learning how to tell compelling stories, and the power of iteration. You will see dashboards that empower clinicians to become more comfortable in reading, interpreting, and presenting data, and learn how to harness the curiosity of your end user to perhaps become your next Tableau developer.

  • Tableau Prep Presentation by Donovan Lemelin
  • Donovan will be walking through transformation of non-standard data from the CMS Stars programs Part C cut points across multiple years using Tableau Prep and how to use Prep's features to transform an ugly duckling data set into a beautiful swan solution. He will also contrast this process to how painful it was in the pre-Prep days.

  • Live Q&A
  • Meet the speakers:

    Dr John Jeans has been practicing medicine for nearly 10 years. Since 2014, he has been working part time clinically after developing an interest in using big data analysis to improve patient care and outcomes. John started using tableau as the main vehicle for communicating insights into data in 2015. Since then, John has been an advocate for the use of tableau both inside his base hospital and across the NHS to support clinical and workforce transformation as well communicate the outcomes of academic research. The flexibility of tableau has enabled clinicians to gain new insights into data that promote nuanced evidence based discussions about improving healthcare in clinical areas varying from the ED, Operating Theatres to community and primary care. The insights have lead to the creation and implementation of new models of care and workforce as well as identifying millions of pounds of potential savings across the health system. John is a keen advocate for using data to improve patient care and believes tableau is great vehicle for helping health systems do the best for their patients.

    Lindsay Betzendahl is a 15-year veteran of the healthcare industry and previously worked as a clinical therapist before joining Beacon Health Options, a leader in behavioral health management. Lindsay discovered Tableau over 4 years ago after constant frustration with static reports and ineffective chart types that she reviewed with hospital providers. She later launched a quest to transform how Beacon utilized visual analytics and interacted with data. Now, the Director of Analytics and Innovation, Lindsay leads her company in their Tableau desktop operations and server administration while supporting a team of analysts in their dashboard development and design. In addition to work, Lindsay is an active member of the Tableau Community and regularly participates in Makeover Monday. She also launched Project Health Viz earlier this year which is an initiative to increase healthcare visualizations and provide data sets for members of the healthcare Tableau community. She is a busy wife and mom of two boys and in spare time enjoys being outside, hiking, snowboarding, and enjoying craft beers.

    Donovan Lemelin, Vice President of Healthcare Services and McCormick, LLC, has over a decade of experience in reporting and analytics surrounding healthcare data an systems from both the clinical and payor perspectives. His experience includes everything from identifying practice variation across providers within a department to coordinating process improvement programs to increase Medicare Star Ratings for health plans.

    For questions about this event, please contact Nicole Lohr.