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Building a Data Culture: The Fundamentals – Part II, The Technology

Shifting a corporate culture from an intuition-driven approach to an objective, data-driven culture can be a challenge. According to a recent study, only 8% of companies are meeting this elusive goal of building a data culture. In this two part webinar series, thought leaders from Tableau will teach you the fundamental steps in building a data culture from both the business and technological perspectives, with actionable steps you can take back and begin implementing today. Make sure to register for both sessions to reap the full value.

In this session, attendees will be exposed to the specific Tableau technologies that underpin data driven cultures, namely: Tableau data sources and Tableau Data Server; preparing a sandbox environment; Tableau Prep, Data Management, and Server Management; and web authoring and Ask Data. Before delving into demonstrations, we will recap the first session and introduce additional concepts around the types of balanced roles and content types that should be implemented in your environments.

Attendees will walk away with new, actionable knowledge about how to configure their environments for a data-driven culture.

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About the speaker


Dan Grady

Product Consultant

Pioneering project Maestro and Tableau Prep exploration, Dan has paved the way for the East Coast Tableau Product Consultant team and is the DC office aficionado for all things Prep.

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