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Big Data’s Analytical Challenge

As companies accumulate vast stores of data from the Internet and their website, social media channels, internal customer files, support tickets, retail systems, and financial transactions, the need for analytical tools to make sense of it all has never been greater.

Join Steve Miller from OpenBI in an online discussion of how companies are using data analytics to deal with the informational challenges posed by all this data.

  • What are some cutting-edge approaches for storing, processing, and interpreting data?
  • How can data science experts derive business value from big data?
  • How are companies dealing with big data’s security and privacy challenges?

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About the speaker


Steve Miller

Co-founder, OpenBI

Miller has more than 30 years of experience in intelligence and analytics, having migrated from health care program evaluation, to database consulting with Oracle Corporation, to running a fast-growing BI services business at Braun Consulting. Advances in technology over that time have fundamentally enabled the use of quantitative methods for business differentiation. OpenBI, LLC, is all about helping customers attain that differentiation.

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