Webinar Series

See. Know. Act - Profit: Data-Driven Decision Making in Financial Services.

The Financial Services Industry is being revolutionized by on-time data and visual analytics that is delivering deeper customer relationships – reducing customer churn and improving profitability. The ability to see the insights, know what they mean, and act decisively, leads to better, more profitable customer outcomes.

In this series of webinars, we hear from leaders across three key areas of the industry on how data driven decision making is helping them to deepen customer relationships and improve those customer experiences and ultimately their bottom line.

Tableau and Salesforce present this series and will demonstrate how they are Better Together for the Financial Services Industry.

On-Demand Webinars

Title Length
See. Know. Act - Profit: Managing and Reducing Customer Churn for Wealth Managers
Learn to proactively identify clients at the highest risk of churn and how to engage, advise and retain them via the CRM platform.
See. Know. Act - Profit: Improving Customer Experience for Corporate Banking Advisors
Discover how to enhance the intelligence on customers and to proactively go to them with more context and breadth around recommendations.
43 min
See. Know. Act - Profit: Optimizing Distribution Performance and Customer Experience for Insurance
Learn how to win over agencies by delivering an optimized distribution approach and focus on high value, revenue generating activities and become more customer centric.