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BAYER Agile Analytics Briefing event

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Adoption of Tableau Software for Agile Analytics is rapidly gaining traction across the Bayer globally. The offer here is a webcast exclusively for Bayer personnel on Wednesday February 22nd from 11am to 12 noon ET. The spirit of this 1 hour session, and future ones, is to help Bayer in the following ways:

• Help Bayer advance strategic imperatives such as Research & Open Innovation.
• Help people @ Bayer see and understand their data faster.
• An opportunity for personnel within Bayer to take a minute or two and share a success story.
• For Tableau to share industry insights and perspectives relevant to Bayer’s markets, as well as high value, but not proprietary ways in which Bayer’s peers are leveraging Tableau.

In the past, and with other enterprise customers, this type of dialogue has helped foster collaboration, and the ideas shared have helped accelerate value from Tableau assets already in place.

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Number: 1-877-668-4493
Access code: 928 409 320

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