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4 finance pain points and how to solve them

We all have financial data, but it’s not always easy to connect to or analyze. Financial data is often stored at differing levels of detail or it’s being pulled from disparate data sources. There is a lot of room for visual improvement. Tableau finance experts will demo how to solve common finance challenges using data visualization.

Expect to learn how to combine actuals from your general ledger with forecasts and budgets within Tableau, and how to create depreciation/amortization schedules when Tableau doesn’t have a built-in “dates” data source. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  1. The importance of visual finance analytics
  2. Actuals vs. Budgets/Forecasts
  3. Building an Income Statement
  4. Depreciation/Amortization Schedules

This is part of our Do More With Less finance series. View the full series here.

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These assets include the slide deck, data sets, and Tableau workbooks that will be referred to during the presentation.
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About the speakers

Mike Crook

Director of Finance Analytics, Tableau

Ashlyn Opgrande

Finance Analytics Analyst
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