Webinar Series

What's New in Tableau 10

Discover the new features

We're excited to announce Tableau 10, our fastest, easiest, and most beautiful version yet.

To help you become a Tableau 10 hotshot in no time, we’ve organised a series of demos which will reveal in full detail our favourite new features.

On-Demand Webinars

Title Length
The Big 'Data' Breakthrough in Tableau 10
This is one session you don’t want to miss as we reveal our big ‘data’ breakthrough in Tableau 10! Discover how to connect and prep your data faster with new connectors and data prep updates.
46 min
Game-Changing Analytics in Tableau 10
We've upped the level of our analytics by adding new features so you can now make custom territories, filter across data sources and highlight important data with new visual analytics capabilities.
39 min
The New Design Canvas in Tableau 10
Find out how you can add the artistic touch to your visualisations with the new Tableau 10 interface which has had its iconography, typography, and colours revamped.
56 min