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Increasing customer engagement using the internet of things
As brick and mortar stores are continually facing competition from an increasing variety of online channels, it is more vital than ever to understand your customers’ patterns and behaviors. To...
65 min
Scaling Self-Service Analytics at Chipotle
In the past, Chipotle’s use of data visualization and self-service analytics was limited. That strategy shifted in early 2017, as the company developed and rolled out their most important key...
60 min
Remove Data Analytics Bottlenecks: Best Practices from zulily
Continue your marketing analytics journey in our Unifying your Marketing Data eBook. Moving to self-service analytics with Tableau and Google BigQuery Zulily is a $1.5B fast-growing...
44 min
Blue Bunny: Building high impact promotional pricing
The frequency and depth of promotions are increasing at an alarming rate. Retailers and suppliers are struggling to understand the impact of these investments and what, if anything could be done...
56 min
Ovative: Measuring marketing impact from online-to-store
Retailer marketers are working to crack the code from online to in-store marketing effectiveness. Site optimization is one way retailers can increase effectiveness, but typically only measures...
50 min
Strata: See your marketing through augmented reality
In the past we've highlighted augmented reality as one of the hot KPI's of the future. Well, that future is now. The technology that is needed is sitting in your hands today with your current...
30 min
Sony Pictures: Visualizing the big picture with machine learning
Top retailers and suppliers understand that with more access to data and predictive analytics, they can effectively drive incremental sales, reduce costs, and enrich the customer experience. But...
63 min
Allrecipes: Growing the World's Largest Digital Food Brand Through Data Visualization
62 min