Power Corporation of Canada Webinar Series

With data everywhere, Tableau can put the power of self-service visual analytics in the hands of everyone at Power Corporation of Canada and its associated subsidiary organizations to gain insights focused on many front and back office operations to:
Acquire and retain customers
Identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
Manage risk
Optimize client portfolios
Real-time compliance oversight
Achieve digitization

When it comes to elevating people with the power of data, Tableau combines a laser focus on how people see and understand data with the kind of robust, scalable platform you need to run one the world’s largest banks.
Allow Tableau to be the engine behind your digital transformation.

Your Account Team:

Steve Palermo, Enterprise Account Manager

Saad Ansari, Principal Solutions Engineer

Marty Helmus, Enterprise Sales Representative

Chase Miller, Business Development Representative

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Join us for one of our Power Corporation of Canada Tech-Talk Webinars.

Your Tableau Account Management team will be co-hosting Power Corporation of Canada Tech-Talk Webinars. We invite all Power Corporation and its subsidiaries’ Tableau users and those interested in learning more about Tableau to join us for informative sessions that will focus on topics to help enable you regardless of where you are on your Tableau journey. These Power Corporation-specific Tech Talks will focus on different best practices each month and are an opportunity for individuals to learn more about the principles of Tableau and Visual Analytics.


On-Demand Recordings

  • Intro to Tableau Platform - Watch Now
    • Watch to learn about the Tableau platform and the end-to-end data journey, from ETL within Tableau Prep, to visualization within Desktop, and the collaborative capabilities of publishing to a Tableau Server instance.
  • How to EXCEL with Tableau - Watch Now
    • Are you in a love-hate relationship with Excel? Frustrated and feeling like you're not moving forward? Let Excel do what Excel is good at, but move the analytic tasks you depend on and supercharge them in Tableau. This session will cover not only how to duplicate and improve Excel functionality in Tableau, but how to move beyond the constraints of rows and columns. Watch this webinar and repair your relationship with Excel. There's a happy world of dynamic, interactive analytics waiting for you.
  • Tableau and Visual Design Best Practices - Watch Now
    • Over 50 percent of your brain is dedicated to vision, decoding, ad processing visual information. You are essentially hardwired for identifying visual patterns and outliers, fast. When you’re scanning a page of text or data, not so much.
      Cue modern visual analytics. Visual analytics allows you to consume your data in the optimal way for your brain, leading to faster and more powerful insights. With Tableau, you connect to the most current version of the data you need, instantaneously. No more waiting on your data. It’s at your fingertips, allowing you to solve problems and identify opportunities to drive real business value.
      At Tableau, we are in the business of helping people and organizations see and understand their data. Attend this 60-minute webinar and you’ll walk away understanding:
      • Explore the scientific underpinnings of what enables people to understand data quickly and effectively
      • How you can get more value out of your data by analyzing it visually, and have fun doing so
      • Why it’s important for you (and those you work with) to be able to trust your data, access it instantaneously and know it’s up-to-date