Webinar Series

Manufacturing Analytics

Like it or not, manufacturing is moving faster and leaner while the dated, status-quo business systems fall to the wayside. Having the ability to explore the impact and interplay across production efficiency, product quality, customer demand, and service excellence simply isn't possible without big data and meaningful analytics.

Join us for this webinar series to hear from leaders in manufacturing that are transforming their business with data. All webinars will be recorded, so bookmark this page and return for more.

On-Demand Webinars

Title Length
Getting Ahead of the Metrics with Data Visualizations at GE
Learn how GE Oil & Gas Digital Solutions has increased data accuracy by 90% and grown data visualization usage across the business.
51 min
3 Ways to Become a Data-Driven Manufacturer
Watch this 60-minute Industry Week webinar to learn how you can become a more data driven manufacturer
63 min
A Facelift for Reporting: Visualizing Cloud Data at Wheaton Industries
Learn how visualizing data from multiple sources can provide a holistic view of performance and insights across the organization.
47 min
Realizing the Vertical with the Horizontal: Strategic Market Insights at Ingersoll Rand
In this presentation, learn how Ingersoll Rand is using visual analytics to drive deeper understanding of market segments and their strategic marketing initiatives.
21 min
Data Rich but Information Poor: Building a Data-Driven Culture in Manufacturing
In this presentation, learn how to use published data sources to define a "single source of truth" your organization can access, and enable deep- often unexpected- insights through manufacturing data exploration.
62 min
Driving Enterprise Adoption of Data Visualization at Caterpillar
Deploying enterprise wide analytics took an idea, strong on-boarding, implementing best practices and delivering value.
53 min