Webinar Series

How We Do Analytics

Discover how Tableau uses Tableau to make fast data-driven decisions

Like any company, Tableau generates a huge amount of data in every department. And as a company that uses its own products, we put that data into action. We’re not just listening to our customers’ needs. We’re living them.

Join this live webinar series to learn how our IT, Finance, Marketing, HR, and Sales departments are making fast data-driven decisions with analytics.

On-Demand Webinars

Title Length
How We Do Analytics: Finance
Learn how Tableau's finance department uses Tableau to drive fiscal strategy and allocate resources.
45 min
How We Do Analytics: Marketing
Learn how Tableau's marketing team uses Tableau to guide strategy and drive world class marketing campaigns.
55 min
How We Do Analytics: IT
Learn how Tableau's IT team uses analytics to manage the entire global Tableau platform.
57 min
How We Do Analytics: Human Resources
Learn how Tableau's Human Resources team are using Tableau to turn data into insight.
48 min
How We Do Analytics: Sales
Learn how Tableau's sales team uses Tableau to understand their accounts, identify promising prospects, and forecast accurately.
56 min