Webinar Series

Embedded Analytics Best Practices

Evaluating and implementing an external-facing embedded analytics platform

Are you interested in an embedded analytics solution that can add powerful reporting directly into your applications, products, or web portals? If the answer is yes, this webinar series is for you.

Watch one or more of these webinars to see how to provide your customers with a robust, self-service analytics solution that’s easy to customize, integrate, and deploy.

On-Demand Webinars

Title Length
Discover the value of embedded analytics
Explore the value of implementing embedded analytics and what it takes to successfully execute these projects efficiently and effectively for your organization.
41 min
Prepare for an embedded analytics implementation
Explore the organizational requirements (people, process, and technology) for a successful external embedded visual data analytics implementation.
43 min
Visual design best practices for embedded analytics
Explore how embedded analytics can create powerful data-informed analytics that guide business results. You'll learn visual design best practices that enable more intuitive, engaging and impactful interfaces with little or no training.
50 min
Seamless embedded analytics integration
Technical resources to learn about the critical aspects of embedding visual data analytics into customer-facing portals – single sign-on integration, data security, bi-directional UX integration.
49 min
Provision a scalable and secure embedded analytics platform
Join Tableau Partner, OSI Digital, to learn how to provision a secure, scalable, and resilient platform for embedded visual data analytics.
39 min
Leveraging Transportation and Logistics Data with Tableau Embedded Analytics
Learn how Worldwide Express – BV uses Tableau Embedded Analytics to deliver insights to their customers; driving new business with a premium analytics offering.
51 min