Webinar Series

Data Connections

A series of conversations about data-related challenges and opportunities

With the recent challenges and disruption that businesses experienced, in the region and globally, it's reassuring to know your business is not alone in this Data Connections series featuring business and industry leaders from across Asia Pacific region, gain insights as they discuss data challenges faced and how they successfully responded. Tune in to their personal experiences and perspectives on leading with data and building a data-driven organisation, that survives and thrives during uncertain times. 

On-Demand Webinars

Title Length
Building Business Resilience with Data
Learn how organizations use data to make key decisions, communicate, and increase their agility while handling challenges that accelerated or surfaced during the pandemic.
29 min
Driving Business Impact with Data Literacy
Becoming a data-driven organisation requires more than deploying software. This conversation will reinforce the necessity and importance of prioritizing data literacy as the fundamental skill that...
34 min
Value of a Data-centric Culture
Tableau customers are experiencing a shift to a data-centered culture and increased data literacy companywide which are key in their digital transformation journey. But for these companies, what...
21 min