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Canada Tableau Financial Services Summit

Live Webinar Series

Financial Services are the backbone to leading the economies out of the current crisis. As Tableau is working with leaders and organizations worldwide to help them see and understand their data, institutions have been using Tableau to generate insights and make data-driven decisions to quickly assess and plan for impacted areas.
Join us for this virtual summit focusing on Financial Services to see how industry leaders and your Tableau community is leveraging their data to support their decision in the pandemic context.

On-Demand Webinars

Title Length
Leading through change: Creating a Data Culture in Our New Normal
As companies are on the path to stabilization, they must adapt to become more digital, data-driven and begin prepping for the post-pandemic “new normal”. Analytics has never been more critical...
31 min
Leading through change: Managing and Enabling Your Workforce
As COVID19 disrupts Financial Services activities at various levels, workforce management has become an essential component to the response of the situation. Using data, HR departments have been...
31 min
Leading Through Change with Data in Financial Services: The Art of Possible
During a time of crisis and recovery, it is more important than ever to move with speed and precision. Leaders must have access to the most up-to-date, reliable information to inform their...
33 min
Leading Through Change: Wealth Management - Managing Risk In Times of Uncertainty
The Coronavirus pandemic is causing worrying market volatility, widespread concern and economic hardships for people across the globe. Asset and Wealth Management industry is no different - wealth...
29 min