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Tableau and Salesforce

Now more than ever, data is the key to effective decision-making. Thanks to modern business intelligence, organizations are inching closer and closer to understanding the value of data-driven decision making across all industries, departments, and roles. We believe the key lies in achieving analytics ubiquity—enabling every single knowledge worker in the world to make better decisions faster. When everyone in an organization embraces visual analytics, data becomes a critical enterprise asset.

Watch this webinar series to learn how to get greater value from your data to drive smarter business decisions, more intelligent customer experiences, and accelerate innovation. See for yourself how the integration of Tableau and Salesforce can help your organization thrive in the digital era.

On-Demand Webinars

Title Length
How Business Insight helps retailers to create customer-first journey
Learn how retailers can maximize efficiency and margins and unlock a customer-first experience.
41 min
How Wealth Managers can manage and reduce customer churn using Tableau and Salesforce
Learn how wealth managers can proactively identify which of their clients are at the highest risk of churn through intelligent analytics.
30 min
'A'PI to 'B'I Lead Data Journey
Join us in this session where we share the journey of converting your data into API-led connectivity and quickly turn it into self-service visual analytics to provide insights.
36 min
The improved Customer 360 for Corporate Banking advisors
Hear how Tableau and Salesforce are better together for corporate banking relationship managers: having both platforms in one place allows the RM to enhance their intelligence on their customers.
47 min
Discover the Next Generation of Employee Experience and Engagement
Join us as we explore how you can elevate and transform the Employee Experience in your company where investing in your employees leads to happier customers and measurable ROI.
36 min
Optimize Distribution Performance and create a Customer Centric experience
Learn how Insurance companies can win over agencies by delivering an optimized distribution approach: enabling your agents and brokers to focus on high value, revenue generating activities.
38 min