Around 1.5 million children die each year from preventable diseases because they do not have access to care.

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Where we are now

In the last several decades, healthcare and the treatment of diseases have come a long way, but far too many people are not reaping the benefits of improved care. Each year, millions of people in poverty die from diseases and conditions we know how to treat. But we can bring this crisis to an end by focusing on bringing care to where it's needed most and delivering better health outcomes to people and nations globally.

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The role of Tableau Foundation

Taking on health inequities with data and investing in digital health systems globally

Part of tackling disease and poor health is understanding the scope of the issue: where its concentrated, who is affected, what resources exist, and how people can be connected to them. Each of these questions can be answered with data. Tableau Foundation partners with organizations on the frontlines of tackling issues of global health, and equips them with software to enable comprehensive data collection and analysis for the greatest impact.

Our response to COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic is the most widespread global health emergency in our lifetimes. Tableau Foundation is responding with support for organizations hard-hit by the health and economic impacts, while drawing on our expertise in data for global health to advocate for best practices.

Contact tracing & analytics: Insights from a data-driven fight against Ebola and Malaria

Learn how responses to other health crises has set the stage for the use of data to fight COVID-19.

Tableau Foundation’s community grant program steps up for nonprofits during COVID-19

To respond to pressing local needs, we adapted one of our longest-standing give-back programs.

How this Seattle nonprofit is making a difference during the COVID-19 outbreak

Our partner FareStart pivoted its business model to deliver individual meals to people in need during the pandemic.

Explore our partnerships for Global Health


Using data analytics to wipe out infectious disease and improve health outcomes worldwide.


Delivering clean water and good sanitation infrastructure to children living in poverty worldwide.

Operation ASHA

Bringing tuberculosis treatment and vaccines to people living without access to medical care.

Operation Fistula

Funding doctors and surgeons treating low-income women at risk for this painful and isolating condition.


Helping governments and nonprofit organizations working on vital issues build capacity and increase their impact.


Connecting to medical devices and transmits results and data to people who need to see them.

International AIDS Vaccine Initiative

Developing and deploying cutting-edge treatments for HIV and AIDS.