130 million girls face barriers to getting an education. Millions of women are persecuted because of their gender.

Where we are

Systemic inequities exist across the world. They take a variety of different forms, from limiting opportunities for women and girls to perpetuating prejudice against people on the basis of race or ethnicity. By taking clear stock of inequities as they play out across the globe, we can eradicate them and create fair and just conditions for everyone, regardless of gender, race, or identity.

The role of Tableau Foundation

Championing rights, protections and opportunities for marginalized people everywhere

To undo the injustices that women and people of color face in societies around the world, we have to understand exactly what these injustices are, and where and when people encounter them. Tableau Foundation partners with organizations taking a data-driven approach to counteracting systemic inequities, and equips them with the tools and expertise to analyze complex data on the issues they’re working against.

Explore our partnerships for Equity

Equal Measures 2030

Seeking a world where gender equity is achieved, and collecting and sharing actionable data on how far we have to go until we reach that goal.

The ONE Campaign

Organizing advocacy efforts around the world’s most pressing issues, from gender inequity to health disparities, and uses data to back up the need for action.

Equal Opportunity Schools

Partnering with high schools to find, enroll, and support high-achieving students currently missing from the most rigorous college-prep courses.

Red por los Derechos de la Infancia en México

Convening 75 organizations in Mexico to develop programs to support vulnerable young people across the country.


Working with 70 organizations dedicated to improving educational opportunities for children.