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Tracking and treating the world's deadliest diseases

Tableau Foundation supports PATH's work to use the power of innovation to improve health and save lives around the world.

Visualizing the end of malaria in Zambia

Partnering for progress

PATH and Tableau Foundation have teamed up to support Zambia's Ministry of Health in its relentless drive to wipe out malaria nationwide by 2020.

Learn about the five-year campaign to save hundreds of thousands of lives by eliminating the disease and inspiring other Sub-Saharan African countries to do the same.

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Explore the visualizations

See the visualizations being used to track malaria.

Mapping for action

Forecasting outbreaks through predictive modeling


Learn more about the campaign to end malaria forever.

In the news


Mobile data reduced malaria cases by 93%, Zika could be next.


Tableau and PATH fight malaria with data analytics.

The Guardian

Data maps transforming the fight against malaria in Zambia.

Preventing epidemics with data visualization

Supporting the global health security agenda

CDC and PATH-supported Emergency Operations Center allows experts to visualize community data to track diseases and guard against outbreaks across Vietnam.

With the center up and running, health officials are using real-time data to better prepare for possible crises and make decisions quickly as issues arise.

Case Study
Data against disease

Training officials to use data to prevent an outbreak.

Event-based surveillence

Preventing epidemics in every community.

Setting the agenda

Keeping people everywhere safe from diseases.

More PATH-Tableau collaborations

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