Eliminating Infectious Disease


Every year, hundreds of thousands of people die from diseases that we know how to cure. PATH's approach centers on using data to bring treatment to people who need it most.

Partnership start date: 2014

Total funding committed: $4,939,210

Region: Africa and Asia

Website: https://www.path.org/

What they do
As a nonprofit whose work reaches over 70 countries, PATH’s aim is to ensure equity in access to health care. For PATH, that means everything from eradicating infectious diseases like malaria to supporting broad health initiatives like access to adequate nutrition.

What our partnership does
Tableau Foundation works in partnership with PATH on a number initiatives that rely on visualizing data to understand and take action against health crises. Our flagship initiative Visualize No Malaria, is a five-year campaign to eliminate malaria in Zambia that can serve as a model for other countries to do the same.

Visualize No Malaria

Malaria is treatable, but 435,000 people die from it each year—often because health officials lack the tools to monitor the disease. PATH's data-driven systems are enabling health workers to finally eradicate malaria.

Watch Tableau CEO Adam Selipsky and Joseph Mutale—a senior billing specialist at Tableau who grew up in Zambia witnessing the effect of Malaria firsthand—explain how Visualize No Malaria is saving thousands of lives.

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Visualize No Malaria expands its scope

A $4.3 million grant from Tableau Foundation will enable PATH to expand its successful model for tackling malaria to six more countries.

The potential of predictive analytics in combatting disease

Dive into an in-depth look at a predictive mapping model that may be the next breakthrough in empowering local health officials.

Using data to track down every last malaria parasite

PATH's Jeff Bernson explains how seeing accurate data on disease transmission patterns enables health workers to test, treat, and track malaria carriers to stay in front of an outbreak.

See PATH's data analytics in action

In Tableau, PATH analyses data on a number of different factors related to malaria—from health center reports to overall risk—to ensure they're taking a comprehensive approach to eradicating the disease.

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Explore More PATH-Tableau Foundation Collaborations

Using data to head off epidemics in Vietnam

PATH is working with the CDC in Vietnam to build out a network of emergency operations centers that monitor disease outbreaks, share data—via Tableau—and coordinate responses.

Treating HIV/AIDS in Western Kenya

Using Tableau, PATH is monitoring individual patients to ensure that their treatment and prevention programs are working, and that people and communities are receiving the care that they need.

Visualizing global health innovation

In a groundbreaking new report, PATH highlights the latest advances in health care, and uses Tableau to visualize over 170 of these new innovations.