Ending Homelessness


Offering job training and career placement for people who face barriers to employment.

Around 27% of people with criminal records can’t find work. FareStart’s job training program helps them set themselves on a path to a stable job in the food industry.

Partnership start date: 2018

Total funding committed: $834,745

Region: United States, United Kingdom, and Canada

Website: www.farestart.org

What they do
FareStart participants learn both hard and soft skills to set them up for a career, while gaining access to a support network that helps them find work in the food service industry and secure housing. While FareStart initially launched in the Puget Sound region, it’s now expanding across the US, UK, and Canada through a larger initiative called Catalyst Kitchens.

What our partnership does
As FareStart expands Catalyst Kitchens to other cities, it is important to understand what factors make the initiative successful in different contexts. In working with Tableau Foundation, they’re now able to access data on program outcomes in real time, and are working to integrate the use of data across the entire organization to accelerate their impact.

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