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Fighting Ebola in West Africa

Stopping the epidemic

In 2014, West Africa fell victim to what would become the largest Ebola outbreak in disease history, but ultimately prevailed thanks to an unlikely resource--data.

Learn how mobile reporting and real-time tracking of the Ebola virus helps officials limit contagion and focus resources.

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More on the response

Data defeats Ebola

Zen Masters step up

Tableau Zen Master Peter Gilks's work with Dimagi in the fight against Ebola.

What we can learn

The team from Columbia University documented the lessons learned.

Visualizing the response

HDX and NetHope show how the global community came together in West Africa.

Securing a healthy start

Infant and child nutrition

Data on nutrition campaigns is too often lost to a paper-based process and locked away from any sort of meaningful analysis.

Dimagi is helping to uncover those insights through mobile data.

The organization is working with local government to visualize nutrition and community health services data for health officials across India.


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