Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project

Collecting, analyzing, and mapping data related to crises around the world

Every year, around 1.6 million people lose their lives amid armed conflict, protest, and political unrest. ACLED analyzes where outbreaks of violence occur around the world to mobilize protection for vulnerable people.

Partnership start date: 2018

Total funding committed: $284,825

Region: Global


What they do
ACLED is a centralized hub for data on all reported instances of political violence and protest events across Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America. By tracking and mapping the dates, actors, types of violence, locations, and fatalities stemming from these events, ACLED creates a comprehensive record of conflict—and a resource for humanitarian nonprofits to consult to determine areas of greatest need.

What our partnership does
Mapping violence and conflict data from around the world enables analysts and humanitarian workers to see where unrest is clustered and better strategize how to deliver aid. Through a partnership with Tableau Foundation, ACLED is building conflict maps in Tableau that can be updated and referenced in real time.

Explore the latest on ACLED

Visualizing rising political violence around the world

ACLED developed the Conflict Change Map to identify countries and territories experiencing rising political violence.

Exploring real-time data on religion-related violence

ACLED-Religion is a new pilot project collecting real-time data on religion-related violence and harassment.

Visualizing all protests and political unrest in the U.S.

ACLED launched the U.S. Crisis Monitor to aggregate real-time data and analysis on political violence and demonstrations in the U.S.