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Myanmar's move to fact-based decision-making

Data for democracy is a coalition to bring fact-based decision-making to Myanmar's re-emerging civil society.

December 2017: Along with millions around the world, we have been following with heavy hearts the recent violence and human tragedy taking place in Rakhine state. As the work of TASCHA and its coalition partners does not directly engage with the displaced populations or military-led government ministries, we will continue to support our partners in Myanmar as they progress toward a more transparent, free, and safe society.

Tapping a hunger for good information

Visualizing civic life

In just five years, internet-enabled phone have gone from barely present to nearly ubiquitous across Myanmar. But with so much information available to anyone in seconds, instilling data-based decisionmaking into the country's democratic conversation is a unique challenge.

Learn how NGOs across Myanmar are turning to data as they rebuild the country's political culture.

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Building NGO data skills from the grassroots up.

To learn more about UW's Technology & Social Change Group and the work in Myanmar, visit the project website.