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September 21–23, 2021

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Unleash the power of your data

Join Tableau at Dreamforce to hear how you can bring speed, intelligence, and collaboration to seeing and understanding your data in a whole new way.

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Data Series at Dreamforce

Watch these key episodes on demand:

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Unleash the Power of Your Data

Join us to learn the secrets to a thriving business and how Tableau can help you connect your data, uncover advanced insights, and create a strong data culture to unleash the full power of your data.

  • Mark Nelson, CEO, Tableau
  • Francois Ajenstat, Chief Product Officer, Tableau
  • Avni Wadhwa, Product Management Director, Salesforce
  • Aleene Webber, Product Marketing Director, Tableau
Guest Speaker
  • Robert Birse, VP & Global Head of B2B eCommerce, Kellogg's
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Unlocking Insights with Tableau

Tableau helps users see and understand their data. Join us to discover the synergies and power that comes when you combine data from Salesforce and other sources, with visual exploration in Tableau.

  • Loreal Lynch, VP Product Marketing, Tableau
  • John Demby, Principal Solution Engineer, Tableau
  • Keshia Rose, Senior Manager, Product Management, Tableau
  • Olivia Nix, Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Tableau
Guest Speaker
  • Adam Mico, Tableau Evangelist
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Infuse Tableau Everywhere in your Business

Advanced analytics throughout your entire business leads to insights, growth, and success. Join us to learn about Tableau’s out-of-the-box analytics for any role, department, and industry.

  • Jason Little, SVP & COO Tableau CRM, Salesforce
  • Umair Rauf, VP Product Management, Salesforce
  • Loreal Lynch, VP Product Marketing, Tableau
Guest Speaker
  • Heather Torres, Head of People Analytics & Strategy, Lyft
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Integrate Everything, Automate Anything with MuleSoft

Join the MuleSoft main event for a special preview of our roadmap and to see how admins, devs, and architects can seamlessly integrate apps, automate processes, and harness the power of APIs.

  • Shaun Clowes, SVP of Product, MuleSoft
  • Peter Gorski. Sr. Director of Product Management, Salesforce
  • Shannon Hale, Sr. Director of Product Management, MuleSoft
Guest Speaker
  • Brad Ringer, Principal System Engineer, AT&T
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MuleSoft: Create Integrated Customer 360 Experiences

Learn how MuleSoft powers Salesforce Customer 360 and empowers Trailblazers to create truly connected experiences with Slack, sales, service, Tableau, platform, and more.

  • Rita Jackson, CMO, MuleSoft
  • Liam Doyle, SVP of Product Management, MuleSoft
  • Desmond Wong, Senior Product Marketing Manager, MuleSoft
  • Gal Gavish, Senior Director of Product Management, MuleSoft
Guest Speaker
  • Greg Beltzer, Head of Technology, RBC
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Fast and Easy Integration with MuleSoft Composer

MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce empowers business users to connect apps and data to Salesforce and build automations with clicks, not code. Seamless integration in minutes – all within Salesforce.

  • Stephen Hsu, VP of Product, MuleSoft
  • Ashley Simons, Senior Product Manager, MuleSoft
Guest Speaker
  • Jennifer Cole, Salesforce Admin, 908 Devices
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Watch these additional sessions on demand

Discover Tableau AI for your Business

Go beyond dashboards and visualizations with AI analytics from Tableau. Join this session to learn about Tableau’s trusted and transparent AI so you can answer pressing questions with clicks not code.

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Optimize Discovery & Management of Trusted Data with Tableau

Businesses have changed forever. Learn how Tableau helps you better understand, prep and manage data at scale for timely decisions and connect with customers across sales, service, and marketing.

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Meet Slack-First Analytics

When work flows, insights grow. Tune in to see how Slack-First Analytics puts data at the center of every conversation and gives every member of your team access to insights right where they work.

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Supercharge Salesforce Reports with Advanced Analytics

Do you rely on Salesforce Reports and Dashboards to get business-critical data? Then it's time to get excited! Join us to learn best practices and get the most value out of our features.

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Unleash the Power of Data: MuleSoft and Tableau

Data-based insights are a critical component of strategic decision-making, but transforming data into actionable insights can be challenging — especially if the data lives in disconnected applications. Join this session to see how businesses and IT leaders can unlock, analyze, and act on all of their data with MuleSoft and Tableau.

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Embed Actionable Insights into CSP Sales & Service Workflows

Surface insights into a single pane of glass to help sales and service teams get a better view of account health, accelerate deals, and optimize customer care with Tableau CRM for Communications.

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Data Driven Transformation in Wealth Management

Wealth and asset management firms remain challenged on how to utilize and act on data. In this session, gain insight on how to leverage AI, machine learning and analytics to drive business growth.

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Build Data Driven Apps with Tableau and MuleSoft

Merging data from Salesforce using MuleSoft and the Tableau developer platform has never been easier. Come learn how developers are taking control of their data using MuleSoft and Tableau.

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