Developer Program Documentation

A few things we want to point out about your sandbox:

  • Your site may be updated at any time and content could be wiped or lost. Always back up what you’re working on.
  • Your site is not intended for heavy workloads. If your site negatively impacts other developer sites, we may throttle or remove it.

Examples for the types of activities you should use the Online development site for include:

  • Testing and evaluating new or updated Tableau APIs*
  • Build and test Dashboard Extensions that you can deploy internally or share via the Tableau Extension Gallery
  • Build and test Web Data Connectors to new data sources
  • Build and test new embedded deployments of Tableau
  • Test automation scripts that use Tableau REST APIs or tabcmd
  • Create new workflows for Tableau using webhooks

Examples for activities you should not use the Online development site for include:

  • Trying out new end-user features. Use the Tableau Beta program instead (add link).
  • Storing customer data or other sensitive information.
  • Storing any production or mission-critical content.
  • Big data sets or load testing or trying things at scale.

*Note: Use of Tableau APIs is subject to the End User License Agreement terms available at (“EULA”) and any additional terms located in the applicable Documentation, as such term is defined in the EULA.