Tableau Data Day Out 2019

Main Stage: Grand Ballroom

9:00am – Welcome!

Welcome to Data Day Out Sydney!
Nigel Mendonca, Country Manager, Tableau

9:15am – Guest Keynote: Jen Jackson – The Employee Experience

The Employee Experience - How do we increase engagement? How can we shift/build our culture? These are the questions often asked by leaders. But what if we're asking the wrong questions? What if we no longer had to deal with big, fuzzy words like engagement or culture — vague notions that are tough to define, and even more difficult to change? The answer lies in the employee experience. Because experiences aren’t intangible. Experiences can be defined. They can be changed. They can be improved. And it’s all remarkably simple. Best of all, by focusing on creating great employee experiences: we also increase engagement and shift culture as well.

In this keynote we'll be diving into what makes a remarkable experience and looking at the key skills leads and teams need for the future of work. Skills such as empathy, curiosity, authenticity & creativity for driving connection and collaboration.

Jen Jackson, CEO, Jaxzyn

10:00am – Tableau Keynote: Building a Culture of Analytics

Building a data-driven culture is a top priority for many leaders today. But studies show the majority of companies are struggling with enabling analytics at scale, much less infusing data-driven thinking into the fabric of their organizations. In this keynote session, we will share what we’ve learned about building an analytics culture from years of experience in this industry, conversations with successful customers, and the study of culture itself.

Jay Peir, EVP Corporate Development and Strategy, Tableau
Lee Bond-Kennedy, Sales Consultant, Tableau

11:30am – Customer Presentation: Telstra

Starting with a few users, Telstra Service Operations deployed a 4 node Tableau Server to enable subject matter experts to discover their own insights from data using the web authoring functionality. This presentation discusses the success factors that drove rapid growth and use to the point where “we Tableau-ed it” became part of the language.

David Kaye, Telstra

11:50am – Customer Presentation: Coopers Brewery – Brewing Beer with Tableau

Brewing beer is as much about art as science but Coopers Brewery has focussed more recently on the scientific basis of what makes a good quality beer. The application of Tableau as an analytical tool has helped Coopers Brewery transform process data into meaningful and valuable knowledge that would otherwise have been left undiscovered. “Eureka” moments of discovery help drive the motivation for further continuous improvement through the use of Tableau. An outline will be shown on how Coopers Brewery created the atmosphere of data driven innovation which enabled Eureka moments to be achieved. In order to provide a perspective around Coopers’ path of Tableau adoption, the challenges and future plans will also be outlined.

Jon Meneses, Coopers Brewery

12:10pm – Customer Presentation: News Corp

Transforming how we report to our Leadership stakeholders – our journey so far…
The Finance team at News Corp Australia has been through transformation activities which included addressing their approaches to data and reporting. Hear about where they were, where they are now and the focus areas they had to address to get to now.

Brendon Sandoval, NewsCorp

4:00pm – Amp Up Your Vizzes | Impactful Dashboard Design

Ready for next level dashboard design? Join Evgenia Stancheva, “Viz of the Day” winning author, as she shares her views on how to create engaging and impactful visualisations. The session will cover best practices for storytelling with data, and how to effectively use colour, text, and layout to design with the end user in mind. You're bound to come away with valuable tips and tricks to bring into your own vizzes.

Evgenia Stancheva, Sales Consultant, Tableau

Breakout 1: Grand Ballroom

1:30pm – Designing for Performance | How thoughtful dashboard design and intelligent data architecture choices can help you perform miracles.

Got billions of rows of data? Concerned about dashboard performance? Learn how to design for Guided Analysis and how to implement a Hot-Warm-Cold tiered data architecture so you can achieve blistering performance over any amount of data on any platform. See and understand two simple principles at work in real time over billions of rows of data.

Jason Oakes, Senior Sales Consultant, Tableau
2:00pm – Customer Presentation: Toyota
2:30pm – Analyse without Calcs | How to Use Tableau’s Native Features More Effectively

Tableau allows anyone to create a visualisation with drag-and-drop but to go beyond the basics you need to dive into the world of Calculations. However, simpler alternative solutions may not even require you to open the calculation window. The session will cover some common business scenarios of using Built-in Features, Quick Table Calculations, Actions, and External Services. Expect to leave with a new understanding of how to answer your analytical questions without writing complex calculations.

Harrison Xiao, Team Lead, Product Consulting, Tableau
3:00pm – Customer Presentation: Deloitte

As part of a strategic initiative to re-imagine how data is delivered internally, my team have recently rolled out a suite of “persona based” dashboards that have been incredibly successful in providing timely, accurate and actionable data to over 2,000 Deloitte Engagement Partners & Managers. This session will walk through the journey of how we achieved this, along with the wins and lessons learnt on the way.

George Kirkham, Deloitte
Norman Lutton, Deloitte

Breakout 2: Maritime Ballroom

1:30pm – Customer Presentation: nib

Tableau in the cloud @ nib – nib has been on a journey to modernise our data analytics environments.

Gerad Crow, nib

Luke Stapleton, nib

2:00pm – My Boss Said “Draw Me A Map” | A Guide for Selecting the Proper Technique for Your Particular Need

Maps are always popular visualisation types but you can rapidly be overwhelmed by the different options and there are a number of common mistakes that should be avoided.

Beyond the typical symbol maps and filled maps, there are also some less known techniques that can also be implemented using Tableau.

The goal of this session is to have a comprehensive view on the different techniques, how to build them and what are the advantages and limitations of each technique.

Regardless of your level of expertise in Tableau, this session will help you to determine what map type is the best for your particular use case.

Marc Psaila, Sales Consultant, Tableau

2:30pm – Customer Presentation: Australia Post

Australia Post are using Tableau to establish a new modern reporting and analytics capability and culture within finance, working with the Head of Finance Transformation. Presently working to launch a set of key Enterprise Performance dashboards under the “Dash” brand, Pratik will elaborate on the philosophy behind “Dash” and how Tableau is enabling finance to improve its ability to deliver sustainable commercial outcomes. Pratik will also cover some of the lessons learnt in using Tableau with SAP HANA and the operating model with IT.

Pratik Mukherjee, Australia Post

3:00pm – Using Tableau Prep in the Real World: Useful Data Preparation Practices for Any Workplace

The Tableau Prep suite has just been given a facelift with new functionalities added into Tableau Prep Builder and Tableau Prep Conductor has joined the party. This session will show you how Tableau Prep’s suite of products is able to address real world data challenges, whilst showcasing some powerful cleaning practices that sets Tableau Prep apart in the market. We will cover automation, smart data cleaning, data modelling, and normalizing inconsistent data structures.

Ben Tzannes, Senior Product Consultant, Tableau