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Describing Spotify Playlists with Emojis

This Spotify Artist Emoji visualization by Skyler Johnson reveals the symbols Spotify users associate with the artists they are playlisting. The genre trends are expected: cowboy emojis for country, fire and “100” for rap and hip hop, along with iconic artist symbols, like a “bee” for Queen Bey. But there are still some fun surprises. “My personal favorite is the list of emojis for the Game of Thrones composer, Ramin Djawadi,” says Skyler. “The show's music is described with dragons, wolves, and swords. Another fun one is for bands like The Postal Service, where people take their name literally and use mail emojis.”

Explore the visualization

  • Beyonce takes the crown, but who else has royal potential? Click on an emoji in the visualization to see other artists associated with it.
  • Which artists are associated with poo emoji? Use the emoji dropdown to see who made the list.
  • People brought the love for K-Pop with lots of hearts. See the most popular emojis associated with the genre by selecting it in the dropdown.

There are 5,000 different artists in this dataset and there are so many stories buried within.

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