Unlocking Business Growth: Salesforce CRM Analytics for SMBs

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Sell faster, sell smarter, sell more!

If your company is focused on achieving these goals, then our upcoming CRMA live event is a must-attend for you. Join us as we partner with the experts at Globant to showcase our cutting-edge Analytics product, providing you with actionable insights and boosting your customer engagement workflow.

During this event, you'll discover how our intelligence layer leverages your customer data within Salesforce to deliver contextual and intelligent insights directly to your sales and service teams. By automating and integrating with existing configurations, CRM Analytics enables every Salesforce user in your organisation to access valuable recommendations and insights.This helps your organisation to reduce costs, increase efficency and drive succesful behaviour.

Date: October 26th
Location: Globant Office Level 2, The Zig Zag, 70 Victoria St, London SW1E 6SQ




  • Coffee and Welcome

  • The Value of CRM Analytics to SMB's

  • Demo

  • Customer Presentation

  • Q&A

  • Industry Break Outs + Lunch

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