Tableau at AWS Summit NYC 2017

It's time to build your enterprise analytics platform with Tableau on AWS.

Build a complete analytics solution for your enterprise

Explore what Tableau's enterprise analytics platform has in store for you at the AWS Summit in New York on August 14, 2017.

With Tableau on AWS you'll experience agile, flexible and scalable self-service analytics to meet the needs of your everyday business. Tableau's rigorous analytics capabilities enable in-depth data exploration for the business user with the security and governance required by IT.

Visit us at the Javits Center in The Hub at Booth #215.

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How scales its analytics deployment with Tableau on AWS

Featuring Punnoose Isaac: Monday, Aug. 14 at 1:30pm in Kumo Theater

Developing a data-driven decision making environment requires a modern BI platform where the end users, data scientists and analysts generate insights with less interference from the engineers. Removing the traditional bottlenecks of BI development required a re-evaluation of engineering responsibilities, skill sets and technology. A stronger data governance has become a critical piece in the last mile of data preparation in BI. Today, BI strategy goes hand-in-hand with the data platform strategy to bring insights closer to the end user. At Edmunds, Tableau inspired the first wave of data democratization and it continues to be the tool of choice for complex analysis. Organically, we have built a dataspace that includes well-curated datasources, dashboards and peer-reviewed workbooks. We have realized that continued data democratization requires a commitment to the single source of data while providing the flexibility to access the data lake (S3) using multiple methods. AWS technologies like Redshift and Spectrum have been essential in this journey with Tableau being the most effective endpoint for adoption.

Build your data ecosystem with Tableau on AWS

With Tableau and AWS you can move your BI to the cloud and deliver the security and scale of your traditional BI, but with accessibility, flexibility, and speed. Take a closer look at the benefits of cloud BI, and how you can get started today.

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Webcast: Enabling SQL Analysis with AWS Aurora & Tableau

At most organizations, the SQL database is sacrosanct. Database administrators protect the write operations and storage requirements of the database to ensure that no matter what, every piece of data is accurately recorded. Analysis? In most cases, analysis can wait. With Amazon Web Services Aurora and Tableau, those restraints can be lifted. Transform your SQL analytics with the unique capabilities of AWS Aurora and Tableau.

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With Tableau Server on EC2, you can empower your organization using live interactive dashboards without needing to purchase or administer your own servers. Start your free trial today on the AWS Marketplace and we will even send you credits for your AWS usage.

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