Yvan Fornes

Passionate Data Analytics professional with over 10 years of experience in this field in the Travel industry (Airline & Hotel).
Yvan Fornes is a Tableau Zen Master and an Analytics Business Consultant at Amadeus, the leading IT solutions provider for the travel industry. He helps Airlines to detect revenue opportunities by analyzing and visualizing data. Yvan started his career in Hotel Revenue Management, the department that set the room prices, working for the Marriott Group and, later for the Louvre Hotels Group where he was responsible for data analysis and business intelligence.

In 2000, he started working for Air France Revenue Management and was quickly promoted to Revenue Management Team leader on Air France's domestic routes.

In 2005, Yvan joined Amadeus as an Airline Inventory Product Manager. He was in contact with the world's leading airlines such as Air France, Lufthansa, Singapore, Finnair, SAS....

In 2012, before his current role, as a consultant for 9 Airlines during 3 years, he used Digital Analytics to help his customers to optimize their websites by improving their Search Engine Optimization (SEO), their advertising campaigns ROI (PPC, display, email...) and their conversion rate.

Twitter: @YvanFornes
Web: Yvan on Tableau Public


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