The top 100 Tableau Public Visualizations

In the first six months of this year Tableau Public visualizations were viewed 4.5 million times. Of course, this statistic reflects upon the amazing authors that continually post content to Public. In honor of those authors and to celebrate the success of Tableau Public, we have made the visualization below, showing the top 100 Tableau Public views by traffic. Take a look and as always, interact!

Good data visualization is egalitarian. As you can see from the scatterplot below, there is no correlation between rank by traffic and interactivity. In other words, whether your blog has 3 subscribers or 30,000, you can engage your audience with interactive visualizations and they will respond.

These authors are early adopters on the forefront of telling stories with live, interactive data. At the very least, they have shown us all that interactive visualizations are no longer the sole domain of The New York Times.

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