In the first six months of this year Tableau Public visualizations were viewed 4.5 million times. Of course, this statistic reflects upon the amazing authors that continually post content to Public. In honor of those authors and to celebrate the success of Tableau Public, we have made the visualization below, showing the top 100 Tableau Public views by traffic. Take a look and as always, interact!

Good data visualization is egalitarian. As you can see from the scatterplot below, there is no correlation between rank by traffic and interactivity. In other words, whether your blog has 3 subscribers or 30,000, you can engage your audience with interactive visualizations and they will respond.

These authors are early adopters on the forefront of telling stories with live, interactive data. At the very least, they have shown us all that interactive visualizations are no longer the sole domain of The New York Times.


Great viz. I think the interactivity stats are very interesting. How are you defining "interacting". Does that include:
- hovering to get a tooltip?
- scrolling a worksheet view?

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Hi Andy,

Either of those actions would count as interactivity.

Glad you like it.

Aw, this viz doesn't link out to the views themselves?

James, If you click on a mark in the viz, and hover over it, a link to the viz can be found in the tool-tip.

Ross, Great viz, I was surprised to not see more that were featured on the Tableau Blog. Were viz'es authored by Tableau employees filtered out before ranking?

So those top 100 viz'es accounted for just over 1.7 million sessions, almost 40% of the stated 4.5 million views. Can you tell approximately how many published viz'es are on Tableau Public that have been viewed more than once?

In reference to Any's question above, is there a way to get a more detailed break down on each interaction type? For example, after following the link to the viz ranked number 1, there does not seem to be anything to interact with, other than selecting the text displayed.

Some other interesting things to look at could be
- was the viz embedded or linked to (percentage of sessions for each)
- number of sessions per day per viz
- date the viz was originally published
- is it a dashboard or worksheet
- are there actions or quick filters (I would expect this to drive the interactivity percentage)
- in the worksheet(s), what mark type is used
- was a map or geocoding made use of

I am sure with the access to all the data behind all the viz'es on Tableau Public, there are lots of interesting things you are seeing. Thank you for sharing.

Hi Joe,

Thanks for your comments. To address your questions:

-All Tableau authored vizzes were filtered out
-I cannot be more specific on the interactions, but a tooltip DOES count (so you can theoretically interact with almost any viz)
-We cannot reliably get data for the percentage of embedded/linked to vizzes
-We do have data on original publish date, it is not too interesting though in comparison to these other factors which is why it is left out
-Dashboard/worksheet data is not recorded (though some you can tell, Sheet1, Dashboard1 etc)
-Indeed, vizzes with more interactivity added in are MUCH more interactive
-We do not record mark type data
-We do not record whether or not the viz uses geocoding data

Thanks very much for your thoughtful comment. As time goes on we will show more data behind Tableau Public.

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