14 New Data Visualizations Posted

There are very few things that teach better than examples and direct experience.

To that effect, we've recently posted 14 new visual examples - which brings our total to 67 real-life examples of data visualizations based on data and scenarios you might encounter in your daily work life.

Every single visual example shows a data visualization and a description of the situation it's analyzing. But best of all, each one has a packaged workbook with the data for download. You can interact with the vizes and create new ones yourself. If you don't already have Tableau Desktop, download it now and use it for 2 weeks. You'll be able to create new vizes, modify the ones you see and bring in your own data.

Check our our library of data visualizations.

Whether you're into economics, web analytics, research, education, geographic analysis, government, oil & gas or any of our 36 topic areas and 17 industries, you're bound to find something of interest.

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