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Data Driven Alerts Reference

Stay on top of your business with data-driven alerts for Tableau Server. Choose a threshold to receive alert emails for yourself or your whole team. Learn how to set an alert with a few clicks.

Data Source Certification With Background

Data source certification

Bring a new level of governance to your analytics. Mark data sources as certified, so everyone knows they are connecting to the right data. These data sources get preference in the UI, search, and recommendations.

Tooltip Selection

Understand relationships in your data faster. Select categories in your tooltips to easily identify related marks in the view. See how to bring tooltip selection into your analysis.

Cloud and big data connections

Amazon Elastic MapReduce connector

Connect directly to your Amazon EMR-hosted Hadoop clusters and put the massively-scaled computing power of Amazon EMR into the hands of business users.

Improved Amazon Redshift connector

The new Amazon Redshift driver delivers even faster query speeds for people using Amazon's fully-hosted, petabyte-scalable data warehouse service.

Spark SQL connector

Take advantage of open-source query innovation inside your Hadoop framework with Tableau's new connector for Spark SQL.

Faster Salesforce connector

Load dashboards up to 10x faster with our new connector. More flexible join options and new preferences help you refine data extracts.