5 Creative Ways to Display Data

Data is constantly moving, changing and updating. Shouldn't your dashboards do the same? These new visualization types should help you bring a fresh shine to your data. That being said, you should never give up analytic value for a fancy new visualization type, but expanding your toolbox will help you to match the right viz to every situation. All of these creative ways to display data are available right out of the box with Tableau 8!

  1. Tree/Bar Combo: The best of tree maps and the best of bar charts combine for one powerful analysis.
  2. Bubble charts: A beautiful way to display comparative information, especially within large groups.
  3. Infographic style: Embed some helpful images and annotations to add context to your data.
  4. Unit charts: Rank and sort, edified!
  5. Word cloud: A great way to show frequency of words or events.