Education Reporting

Schools need data to improve. But balancing the data, analysis and reporting requirements across a system of primary schools can be challenging. Tableau eases this burden by allowing anyone to perform sophisticated education analytics and share their findings with online dashboards. Tableau can also be a powerful research tool within the classroom, empowering students and teachers alike to see and understand their data through education dashboards.

  • Provide K-12 teachers with immediate, data-driven feedback on student performance
  • Create and share sophisticated district, school and teacher evaluations
  • Education reporting - put interactive reports online for parents and the public

Check out these solutions pages for more examples of how Tableau works in the education space:

Tableau Desktop is free for instructors and full-time students.

Student Performance
Effectively monitor and analyze student test performance

Keeping track of test performance at the individual level is vital to identifying students who need help and making sure they receive it. However, it is often challenging to roll out education dashboards that enable that kind of insight for everyone.

Unlike static education reporting tools, this dashboard allows any teacher district-wide to filter down to their class and view test performance over time. The table on the left quickly identifies outliers on the most recent test and allows teachers to select individual students to see how their scores have trended over time. When the next set of tests come in and are loaded into the database, the report will automatically update - no action needed!

Enrollment Data
Understand and share enrollment statistics in minutes

What does the student body look like? A simple question with a complex answer.

The dashboard that you see here is connected to an enrollment spreadsheet containing detailed demographic and categorical information. Administrators and teachers can filter down to the state, district or school that interests them. What was once dozens of reports for dozens of schools is now an interactive tool that anyone in the school system can filter down to the data that is relevant to them.

Sharing the report with those that need it can be accomplished through Tableau Server. Simply publish and send a link - anyone with access can view and interact with the dashboard through a web browser.

Teacher Evaluations
Easily evaluate the performance of schools and teachers

Administrators need to perform complex evaluations to address missed targets before they become ingrained issues.

The dashboard you see here takes advantage of Tableau’s easy one-click interactivity to allow administrators and teachers to drill down into the data that interests them. Simply click on a school to view a histogram of performance by teacher, and a detailed distribution of every classroom. Outliers are immediately apparent, allowing you to rapidly identify and help the teachers that have struggling classrooms.

Education Reporting
Rapidly share insights across your organization

The powerful analytic features in Tableau Desktop can empower your team to find the trends and statistics that are valuable to your schools.

That power can be amplified with Tableau Server, which allows you to easily publish and share an interactive report with as many people as needed. Simply publish and send a link to anyone who has an interest - as long as they have been given the permission, they can view the report anywhere.

You will never have to struggle for hours and hours creating and sharing reports handmade for every single consumer. Simply connect Tableau to your data, create and publish.

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