The Top 10 Things IT Loves About Tableau Software

Painless business intelligence software

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  • Almost no IT resources are required to implement and support. Tableau installs via web download onto your hardware and is operational in about 20 minutes. It integrates with Active Directory, so setup is simple and familiar.

  • No desktop software to install, update or manage for Tableau Server.

  • Users can view the content via their web browser without any downloads or plug-ins.

  • Security is solid. Really.

  • Tableau respects your existing security protocols.

  • Tableau doesn’t move your data. Tableau resolves its queries on the database itself and only displays the graph or chart. The data stays securely in your existing database.

  • Tableau Server reduces network traffic. No more excel spreadsheets or access databases being emailed around. No more need to email PDFs of reports. Tableau queries don’t bring data back across the network.

  • Tableau Server views can be embedded into your corporate portals like Microsoft SharePoint and others.

  • Tableau offers great support to the end users, so IT people can focus on strategic issues.

  • Tableau is an IBM, Oracle and Microsoft business partner.

  • Tableau Server and Tableau Desktop software are already being used throughout thousands of companies.

  • Hardware requirements for Tableau Desktop are minimal-- no need for a dedicated server.