Built by design to dramatically improve query performance over traditional relational database systems and unproved open source offerings, Vertica is purposefully developed with in-database advanced analytics capabilities that are fine-tuned to handle a range of complex Big Data queries. With industry leading performance at Exabyte scale, machine learning, and freedom from underlying infrastructure, Vertica tightly integrates with Tableau to help data-driven organizations ask and answer questions at the speed of thought.

The power of Vertica and Tableau comes from the capability to deliver advanced, complex analytics to a broader universe of users on any device with data on-premises, on Hadoop, or in the cloud. Tableau’s live connector provides a seamless path to conduct real-time analysis. Reports and dashboards can be shared easily, driving the democratization of data and analytics everywhere. Teams within the organization can instantly begin investigations to find key insights that propel business.

Advanced analytics with Tableau and Vertica

With Vertica, data is fine-tuned upon loading. There’s no need to re-create data structures, no data silo explosion, and no questions about data timeliness. This integration enables billions of rows of data to be delivered in real time. In addition, both technologies are designed with business users in mind. Users can immediately begin investigating the data that matters most. With business users enabled through self-service business intelligence, the IT department can focus on building and managing the data infrastructure, rather than running reports for others.

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