Hadoop and Big Data

For rapidly growing unstructured data, Hortonworks' Hadoop is the platform of choice for many organizations, enabling them to store, process, and analyze petabytes of information. Tableau empowers business users to quickly and easily find valuable insights in vast Hadoop datasets. Native connectors make linking Tableau to Hadoop easy, without the need for special configuration—Hadoop is just another data source to Tableau. Bring data into a fast, in-memory analytical engine for rapid queries, or connect directly to your own performant database. Tableau also simplifies working with XML files, unpacking and processing on the fly for true flexibility. It even works with popular query software such as Impala and Hive.

Facilitating data discovery and analysis of big data

One of the challenges of Hadoop and its various integrations (like Impala or Hive) is that it requires training and knowledge to use, so it isn't a tool suited to broad enterprise deployments. This can be a drawback when the intent behind using Hadoop is to access business intelligence insights within massive data sets. For a BI deployment, Hadoop data needs to be accessible to each department in addition to the C-suite so that data can be examined, analyzed, given context, and then reported on. Tableau fills this gap. By removing the need for users to have knowledge of query languages and providing an analytical interface that makes working with big data more managable, Tableau spans the gap between the powerful Big Data management tool that is Hadoop and the necessary BI analytics tool that many users require. Tableau's native integration with Hadoop means you simply point it at the Hadoop cluster you wish to analyze and you're set.

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Tableau enhances Big Data use across the organization

Enhancing the Hadoop experience with Tableau

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