Advanced Google Analytics Data Analysis

You’re probably already using Google Analytics to track web traffic, conversions, and to optimize your website. Tableau takes your GA experience to another level. It's easy to connect Tableau directly to Google Analytics and dig deep into visitor behavior, content value, conversions and more. If Google Analytics collects it, you can analyze it—and mash it up with any other data set, from CRMs to social media to demographics, for way deeper insights. With Tableau Server or Online, you can securely publish all or some of your Google Analytics data, so your entire team can use it, even if they don't have GA credentials.

Why use Tableau with Google Analytics?

Tableau offers a lot more than just simple data visualization. By using Tableau to access and interact with your Google Analytics data, you increase the odds of making significant data discoveries. Tableau lets you visualize data from other sources alongside (or over top of) your GA data, allowing you to see the full story in your data. Find new correlations, root causes, unintended effects, and new opportunities by seeing the connections that exist between all of your data.

See the whole story in your Google Analytics data

Leveraging the Google Analytics API using Tableau's interface, you can eliminate sampling and work with real data when dealing with high-cardinality reports. Find answers faster-- instead of tabbing through reports and waiting for the GA web interface to reload, you can drag and drop dimensions and measures to see only the relevant data, displayed in a simple and intuitive way. When it comes to building reports, Tableau allows you to declutter your visualizations and show only the relavent data points, but still allowing you to drill down and provide ad hoc analysis for on-the-fly answers. When it comes to analyzing and reporting on web analytics data, it's tough to find a better tool. Sound good? There's more.

Join GA data to other marketing databases for a 360 view

Your web analytics data doesn't live in a vacuum. With Tableau you can view other digital marketing data alongside your website data to get a full 360 degree view of your digital marketing effort and its impact. Join email marketing databases, social media analytics, paid advertising performance metrics, and even product databases and sales reports. When you start viewing all of your Google analytics data next to other, relevant data, you'll uncover new relationships and begin seeing your data in a whole new way.

Hear it from customers

Want to better understand the value in connecting your Google Analytics data to Tableau? Below you'll find customer stories and white papers, as well as workbooks illustrating how you can drill down through various layers of GA data in Tableau. Explore the topics below or click the Orange Button at the top or bottom of the page to start a free 14-day trial.

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