Deliver data-driven service

Drive greater customer satisfaction with data

Customers expect fast, seamless and personalized service

Delivering high-quality, personalized service requires agility and a data-driven strategy across your entire organization, from people to process to technology. Communications Service Providers (CSPs), like you, are turning to Tableau to transform their customer service.

Drive customer service success with a few simple steps

Unify all your data sources

Get a full picture of your business by connecting your data into a single pane of glass.

Make data accessible to everyone

Scale to your organization and drive operational excellence with reliable and secure data.

Empower your people

Make more meaningful interactions and smarter decisions faster with actionable insights.

Drive contact center success with data

The extraordinary circumstances of the last two years created radical shifts in customer demands and expectations. To retain customers, stay competitive, and build brand loyalty, CSPs must make the customer experience their top priority. Empower your contact centers with data so they can respond more quickly, accurately, and intelligently, to deliver greater customer satisfaction.

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Connected contact centers driven by data

Bring all your data together in a single view, to give service agents the context and insights they need to provide an excellent customer experience.

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The value of data-driven service

55% decrease in cost to serve 

37% faster time to resolution

53% increase in average revenue per user (ARPU)

Tableau Accelerators

Go from data to insights to action faster than ever before

Call Center

Gain visibility into your call center performance, identify your top agents, and take a deeper look at overall customer service levels.


Easily access important data from your network, like call volume, dropped calls, most frequently used phone types, and more.


Accelerate transformation and build trusted relationships

Unify your teams, make smarter client decisions, and get better access to customer insights with Customer 360.


Communications and media analytics

Thrive in the always-on communications and media landscape. Use Tableau to immediately evaluate the success of campaigns, make programming decisions that deliver results, and find out who loves your content and why.

Data Culture

Unlock the power of your data—and your people–to move your metrics up and to the right. Equip everyone in your organization with the insights they need to be truly data-driven, and start tackling your most complex business challenges.