Say hello to Tableau Online

Learn how to publish and share in a few easy steps

Get to know your site

This guide introduces you to shared data, dashboards, and insights with Tableau Online. We'll cover the interface, how to publish and share your analytics, and where to find more resources.

Navigate your site

Take a quick tour. Learn how to navigate your new site and see how content is organized in Tableau Online.

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Connect to data

Connect to and analyze data in Tableau Desktop. Now that you know your way around Tableau Online, learn how to connect to files and databases in Tableau Desktop and build dashboards to share on your Tableau Online site.

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Publish workbooks

Publish analytics to your site. Publishing content to Tableau Online allows you to share live data and interactive dashboards created in Tableau Desktop, while ensuring your data remains up-to-date and secure.

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Share views and subscribe to updates

With colleagues added to your site, you can now share data and dashboards. You can also set up subscriptions to receive automatic email updates for workbooks.

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Interact with vizzes

Interact with published dashboards. Learn how to get the most from published content with custom views, subscriptions, and favorites.

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Keep data fresh

Learn how to manage your data. Whether connecting live or refreshing extracts, Tableau works with all your data and helps you easily keep it fresh in the cloud.

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Author on the web

Edit and create dashboards in your browser. You’ve used Tableau Desktop to analyze data and publish to Tableau Online. Now learn how to create new workbooks or edit existing ones directly on the web.

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Data, Emotion, and Change

Follow along with data evangelist Andy Cotgreave as he explores three unlikely topics.

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Design Efficient Workbooks

Learn how to design and build efficient dashboards and data connections in Tableau.

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