Advanced Management for Tableau Server

Michael Hetrick, Senior Manager Product Marketing bij Tableau

Manage, secure, and scale mission-critical analytics

Advanced Management for Tableau Server makes it easier to deploy, monitor, and maintain mission-critical Tableau Server deployments at scale. With Advanced Management for Tableau Server, you can proactively support the changing needs of your business, save time by streamlining the management process, and ensure the delivery of true analytics self-service to everyone in your organization.

In this paper, we'll cover:

  • Configuration management
  • Disaster recovery
  • Workload management
  • Monitoring and chargebacks
  • Content management
  • And more resources for success with Tableau Server at scale

Bring efficiency to your mission-critical analytics deployment at scale

Many organizations are facing shifting business priorities and accelerated digital transformation initiatives, alongside increased volumes of data and the demand for it. As a Tableau deployment grows across an organization and serves more users and use cases, Tableau transitions from an application that is used in small workgroup scenarios, to a business-critical enterprise platform that is managed and governed by IT. Additional controls, security, and governance measures must be implemented to support the platform as an enterprise-wide service. 

With Advanced Management for Tableau Server’s highly configurable capabilities, administrators can meet specific requirements and leverage existing technology investments and expertise to optimize their deployments. Advanced Management brings together scalability, availability, manageability, and security capabilities that deliver enhanced value for customers running Tableau Server at scale or in business-critical use cases. This leads to increased agility and significant time savings for IT.

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Michael Hetrick

Director, Product Marketing, Tableau

Michael Hetrick is a Director, Product Marketing at Tableau. He draws upon his frontline experience as a customer, consultant, and services delivery manager to help customers understand the value of Tableau and how to operate their mission-critical Tableau deployments with modern analytics best practices.