NetHope + Tableau

Tableau allows you to see and understand data that will change the world

Analytics that save lives and build communities

Whether you're stopping a spreading epidemic, responding to a natural disaster, or helping communities break the cycle of poverty, data is critical for making life-changing decisions. That’s why Tableau Foundation and NetHope are partnering to improve the effectiveness of humanitarian relief and disaster response efforts.

Through this initiative, NetHope members are eligible for special pricing on a variety of Tableau products.

Tableau allows anyone to quickly and easily connect, visualize, and share data in real-time. Start making faster, data-informed decisions today!

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French Red Cross Manages Resources More Effectively with Tableau

With its 54,000 volunteers and 18,112 employees, the French Red Cross provides health, social, medical and social, education, and humanitarian services in more than 1870 locations in the country. See how they use Tableau to server the most vulnerable of populations.

Tableau and NetHope Collaborating In Crisis

Our grant to NetHope helps save lives and alleviate suffering during humanity’s most trying moments, including the aftermath of Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu and the earthquake in Nepal.

We're working with a disease where time is of essence. If you can't control the contact tracing, you can't control the disease

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the offer?

Through this initiative, NetHope members are eligible for special pricing on a variety of Tableau products.

Why is Tableau doing this?

As our existing partnership with NetHope has shown, Tableau is an extremely powerful tool in time-sensitive, low-information environments. Through this program, Tableau Foundation and NetHope are making it easier for members to collaborate in crisis, save lives, and help rebuild communities impacted by disaster and poverty.

What other resources are available?

With each license, members receive full technical support from Tableau. They can also access to the full slate of Tableau’s online training tools, request volunteer support through the Tableau Service Corps, and use data to advocate for their cause through Tableau Public.

Are there limits on how an eligible organization uses Tableau products acquired through this program?

Nope. However an organization feels Tableau can make it more effective is fine with us.

What if my organization is already a Tableau customer?

While past purchases will not be retroactively re-priced, all future maintenance renewals on those licenses will automatically update to the new price. Any additional licenses will start at the new price.

What if my organization is not currently a Tableau customer?

Learn more about the products, start a free Tableau Desktop trial, or chat with a member of the Tableau team to learn more about the different products.

What is the relationship between Tableau and Tableau Foundation?

Tableau Foundation is an initiative led by the employees of Tableau Software that encourages the use of facts and analytical reasoning to solve the world’s problems.

Have other questions?

Get in touch with us and we'll answer any other questions you have.