The BI Survey 10: The Customer Verdict

BARC, Business Analytics Research Council

The Business Analytics Research Council (BARC), Germany’s leading IT analyst firm, recently conducted the tenth edition of the world’s largest survey of business intelligence users. Asking detailed questions about satisfaction and performance, they then tabulated all results by vendor for direct comparison. The verdict from compiling Tableau’s results compared to all other 25 vendors? Quite good, actually. Read this report to learn more.

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Tableau in the BI Survey

Tableau overview

Tableau is a business analytics company with data visualization at its core. The core products use an underlying technology called VizQL that was invented by Tableau co-founders in the late nineties at Stanford University. VizQL is a patented query language that translates visual, drag-and-drop actions into a database query and then expresses the response graphically.

The company was not founded until 2003. Tableau is growing extremely quickly with revenues increasing by over one hundred percent in 2010. It now has over 300 employees.

Tableau is geared to business users, with simple data management tools and installation. The company also offers a server product that can be used to distribute interactive analytics, dashboards and reports but does not provide any additional authoring tools. Tableau Public can be installed free and used on public data.

Survey results for Tableau

Tableau was not in the BI Survey last year, but it appeared this year with a healthy sample of 94 users. About 80% of the respondents reported they were using Tableau 6, and the rest either didn’t know or were using Tableau 5.

Tableau in the peer groups

For our peer group analysis, we included Tableau in the competitive analysis specialist peer group. Tableau also scored highest for the entire sample in several areas.

All Products

KPIs relating to costs

Tableau recorded the lowest overall cost of ownership in the entire sample.

KPIs relating to loyalty

Tableau scored best in the KPI for intention to buy more licenses. This is an important measure because it shows that existing customers are satisfied enough with the tool and to be willing to spend more money with the vendor.

KPIs relating to innovation

Tableau wins out in the area of predictive analytics, even beating the statistics and analytics specialist SAS.

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