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Women Leading Through Change: Devi Brown

We are living in a dramatic time of change as we navigate the global crises in health, the economy, equality, and leadership.

Our Women Leading Through Change series highlights powerful voices leading the way across industries and communities. We share tools and strategies for professional and personal growth, and the power of data to elevate individuals, groups, and organizations.

Watch this empowering conversation with Devi Brown. Devi is the Chief Impact Officer for Chopra Global, Founder of Karma Bliss, Master Wellness Educator, and Author. Through her best-selling book, signature self-care challenges, and podcast Dropping Gems, Devi’s work is rooted in sharing tangible healing modalities.  Watch this event to access an MP3 download of Devi's guided mindfulness exercise.

This session was co-hosted by Tableau's Dana McKelvey and Lelia Christine Williams. The conversation includes:

  • How data can bring new insights to health and wellness
  • Maintaining personal wellness while navigating isolation and trauma
  • Self-care and personal wellness tools for leaders
  • Exercises and tools for adapting and lowering stress
  • Guided mindfulness practice

Resources covered in this event:

While we're excited to elevate women's voices in this series, all are encouraged to watch. Please feel free to share with your professional network, friends, and family.

About the speakers


Devi Brown

Chief Impact Officer for Chopra Global, Founder of Karma Bliss, Master Wellness Educator, Author

After over a decade of working in entertainment as a radio and television host, Devi Brown answered her calling to become an advocate for women of color in wellness. As a Chopra Global certified meditation teacher, spiritual psychology practitioner, Reiki Healer, wellness educator, and author, Devi’s company KARMA BLISS is devoted to spiritual connection meant to aid in the healing of generational trauma. Through her best-selling book Crystal Bliss, her signature self-care challenges, and her podcast Dropping Gems, Devi’s work is rooted in sharing tangible healing modalities with millennial and generation Z women of color in support of emotional growth and radical self-love.


Lelia Christine Williams

Senior Field Marketer at Tableau and Podcast Host, Writer, Artist

Lelia Christine Williams is an enthusiastic and creative marketer passionate about connecting people to resources that foster connection and growth. She first joined Tableau in 2012, focused on helping customers learn and be successful with Tableau. Taking a sabbatical in 2015, she coached and led courses, workshops, and retreats for creative entrepreneurs.

Since returning to Tableau in 2017, Lelia has executed and led field events across Latin America and the U.S. that delight and excite attendees. In 2020, she championed and built the Women Leading Through Change program. Pivoting to a virtual-only experience, this program elevates the voices of women leading across industries and connects the greater Tableau community to tools for professional and personal growth.

Lelia is passionate about empowering you to love yourself and the life you create. Embracing her talents for writing and speaking, she designed and published the Wild Wisdom guided journal, and recently launched the Bloom in Love podcast. She lives in Austin, TX with her lovable rescue Pitbull, Dr. Indiana Jones. Her hobbies include collecting far too many plants and crystals, studying astrology, and enjoying nature every chance she gets.


Dana McKelvey

Global Field Event Manager at Tableau

Dana McKelvey is a Global Field Event Manager at Tableau where she brings to life impactful international events for our customers and communities. She has interviewed thought leaders including Alicia Garza, Komal Ahmad, Tameka Lester and others. Before joining Tableau, Dana worked for leading companies and institutions including VIACOM, The University of Texas - Austin, and the Museum of Pop Culture. She has also led marketing initiatives for various brands including Gucci, Nike and Valentino.

In addition to her work in technology, Dana has planned, produced, and promoted global festivals and events for a range of recording artists including Dave Matthews, Herbie Hancock, Brandi Carlile, George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, Erykah Badu, Tanya Tucker, Questlove of The Roots, The Indigo Girls and DJ Spinderella. Other events include the 15th Annual Costco Scholarship Breakfast that raised a record $3.6 million for at-risk student scholarships.

She also mentors and has taught music courses to high school students, and curated music for international A-listers and iconic brands. Her work has been featured in The New Yorker, USA Today, The New York Times, ABC News, CNBC and many other media outlets.

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