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Werner Enterprises is Increasing Cash Flow Using Alteryx and Tableau

Werner has been using Tableau and Alteryx for over two years now for transportation, call center, and safety violation analytics. In 2013, business executives asked IT/BI to create a better consumption mechanism for their House Keeping report. The House Keeping report is used to identify issues that can prevent revenue from being accrued in the correct fiscal period or collected at all. The IT/BI group went down the path of creating a House Keeping cube where users would have to go out and find their issues. This endeavor was 6+ months in the making, and headed nowhere when the Analytics team stepped in. The Analytics team, with the help of Alteryx and Tableau, built out a prototype dashboard within hours and a finished product within a couple weeks. This resulted in the following:

  • User engagement went from 3 views a day on the report to 25 views a day, or 700% more engagement.
  • Open items went from 4500 a day on the report to less than a 1000 a day, or a 350% decrease in open items.
  • This helped their accounting group accrue correctly, or collect over a million dollars monthly.

Learn how Werner was able to build this program in a matter of weeks.

About the speakers

Jeff Walters

Director, Strategic Business Analytics
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