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Want to Improve Population and People Insights with Data

Tableau are pleased to present in partnership with NHS England and Improvement and InterWorks, the fourth webinar in our “Want to Improve… Series".

Are you working with population health data? Hear how NHS England and Improvement used a hackathon to reveal new insights and approaches to Population Health. In May, NHS England and Improvement hosted an internal hackathon with four development teams supported by Tableau and InterWorks with a remit of how to improve population and people insights using data.

The teams entered into “friendly” competition and tackled the project from different perspectives. Hear from the winners who looked at population health from a different perspective. The teams focused on the healthy cohort and examined trends over time and how health cohorts are impacted and how they move into other health domains over time. Insights here being how to prevent a healthy population becoming unhealthy. The teams also mapped out how the initial insights can be built upon and used by different parts of the NHS. One of the teams looked at insights through the lens of commissioning.

This webinar is supported by InterWorks a Tableau Partner and NHS England and Improvement.


About the speakers

Janet Broome

Janet Broome


Janet Broome has had an extensive career providing software services and solutions to the NHS. Janet has worked to develop clinical decision support tools, evidence based medicine resources. Previous projects have been shortlisted for HSJ Patient Safety Awards. Janet is an Account Executive, NHS and Healthcare at Tableau.

Sukhmeet Panesar

Sukhmeet Panesar


Sukhmeet trained as a doctor in emergency medicine and public health and is skilled in management consultancy, health policy and academia. In his current role, he leads digital transformation, strategy, and development across 270+ individuals in the NHS.

Kevin Pemberton

kevin pemberton


Kevin has had a varied career and is always looking for the latest and greatest to enjoy and learn about. He’s worked as a software developer, web developer, scuba-diving instructor, air-traffic controller, business-intelligence consultant and now a director of InterWorks Europe. Improving the workflows, processes and understanding of business are a passion of Kevin’s, so working in business intelligence is the perfect place for him. Processes that work smoothly with minimal administration make him happy. People spend most of their lives working, and helping these people do their job better and easier is what drives Kevin.


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